I introduce: Tobi

Almost every morning I wake up, I have an email from Tobi. No, tobi is not related to me, a friend, or a lover–only a great clothes bargain website. I put forth my disclaimer now: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR EMPTY BANK ACCOUNTS (this site has lots of great stuff at great prices).

As I scrolled through the email today notifying me of new merchandise begging me to purchase, my thumb stopped on this pant:

Isabel Murant Imitator

Aztec Embroidered Pants from Tobi

Most recently I had seen this pant on a ‘manstagram‘ from none other than Leandra of Man Repeller….as well as many times before.


Leandra Medine of ManRepeller

Leandras selfpic

Leandra with one of the Danijo sisters

THE pants


As if that wasn’t enough visual information on how accurate the imitators were to the real thing, I used my trusty friend google to find these images:

Isabel Marant Jeans

….and then compared to this:

I do not promote counterfeit items, but hey, those aztec designs have a few good inches of white between them. In the fashion world, we would call these ‘inspired’. And for a mere 42 bucks, these are a steal compared to the real price of 600-ish bucks! Enjoy!



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