a fab(ric) secret

In my new place, one of the areas that I haven’t focused much on is the dining room. My dining room is small, and only barely fits a 4 person round table. My dad and I made shelves off pinterest out of old wood pallets to hang on the dining room wall to give it some interest, but it is still very bare. I decided the best way to add some interest would be to get some placemats and napkins to permanently accessorize the table. My inspiration was Rebecca Minkoff’s entertaining table shown on her blog. I love the bold, bring colors she used.

Rebecca Minkoff’s party table

The hunt ensues. I come up with barely anything of interest. So I decided it might just be better to make my own placemats. I then looked high and low for fabric. Nothing–including etsy, my new go to for all things original.

Then, I remember spoonflower. It is a website where you can design your own fabric to be printed or buy other people’s fabric they have designed.

I knew I wanted something brightly colored. Here were a few of my top choices for placemat fabrics from Spoonflower:

In the end I have decided on an arrangement something like this:

Placemat | Plates | Flatware | Napkin | Glass

Hows that for origional? Thanks, Spoonflower!



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