small treasures

A few weekends ago, I was visiting my Mom’s family in a small town south east of Atlanta. There town is very quaint and still has a ‘sqaure’ at the center of town that consists of most of their non-chain shopping venues. My cousin and I went into one of my favorite stores on the square, Emily’s Attic, and I found a booth with wonderful smelling soaps!  I have them now in a bowl on a table in my living room and they are so potent (in a good way), that and you can smell them sitting on the couch. At $1.30 a pop they were a real steal! Not to mention I love the wrapping.

As I looked closer at the packaging, they are actually made in Raleigh (my former home) by Greenwich Bay Trading Company. Their website doesn’t share where they can be purchased, but I did find this website that seems to carry most of their soaps. They, unfortunately, are not as cheap as Emily’s Attic, but these soaps are so worth it the (still) low price of $2.50!!



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