slowly decoring

Slowly decorating is the definition of my life right now. It has been two months since I’ve moved and to date I’ve only got a handful of project completed. Im not sure how else to be more productive though, because I busy myself in the evenings with projects.

My bedroom is one of the places I have focused attention to but it is still not where near as fabulous as I want it to be yet. When I first moved, I started working on a two-canvas painting to go over my bed. My inspiration was this photo I first saw on pinterest and then later discovered it is the design of Jamie Meares of Furbish:

It was a slowwww process:

But here is how my painting turned out :

my painting

Not only do I love the painting in Jamie’s design, but I the campaign side tables are fab too. My next project in the bedroom is going to be an IKEA hack to make a campaign chest similar to those pictured. A dynamite transformation for a minimal cost!



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