DIY: placemats

I finally received the Spoonflower fabric I ordered in the mail [see here] and loved the it! Although the colors were different from what I was expecting, it was okay because I wasn’t necessarily matching anything particular in the apartment. After getting the fabric, I went to the store and picked out an 1/8″ piping and duck cloth to back the placemats.

Raw materials used:

  • 1 yard of 56″ fabric
  • 3/4 yard of 60″ fabric
  • 3 packages of piping

Directions for assembly:

Cut the fabric into 8 rectangles total. I cut my rectangles 17 x 14″ because I wanted more square than rectangular placemats [4 pieces of the Spoonflower fabric and 4 pieces of the duck cloth]. Place face sides together of your fabric together with your piping in between. You will need to use a zipper foot to stitch around the edge to get as close to the piping as possible. Note: it is best to start in the middle of an edge instead of in the corner; you will see why at the end.

Stitch all the way around until you have one corner open being sure to make the corners round. Your placemat will look like this with the end of your piping hanging off.

Now, trim away the corners and make them round. Dont clip the piping!

Turn the placemat right side out; turn and pin the open corner closed so when topstitched it will be closed. Finishing the piping correctly is a key to making these mats look great! Trim the piping so the ends overlap an inch or so.

Pick one end of the piping, open, and trim the rope inside past where the other end of piping ends. Then insert the end in, and close.

Switch out the zipper foot for the regular foot and topstitch all around! Repeat x4 for a full set of mats!

I love the vibrant look the mats give my dining room:

As you can see, I ordered the honeycomb glasses and napkins I planned on. I ended up going with different dinnerware once I got the Spoonflower fabric because there was more purple than navy in the colors on the fabric. The dinnerware I got from The Christmas Tree Store but I plan on dedicated a whole post to CTS one day! On the wall, you can see the shelves my dad and I made from old pallets that I also mentioned in this post.

Happy crafting!



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