a saturday hobby

Good saturday to you guys! The weather here in Augusta is very chilly, and this morning I had to pull out my puffer jacket because it was so cold…but Im loving the holiday spirit that comes with the cooler weather. Speaking of holiday spirit, I am working on crafts now to decorate my place for Christmas. I will share with you all when I am done!

This morning I went yard sale-ing. My dad and I used to go yard sale-ing on a regular basis when I was young (and popped right out of bed promptly at 8:30 with no alarm). Before I woke up, Dad would get out the yard sale classifieds, circle the ones that were close by and looked decent, and then we would hop in the car and make the rounds. It is one of my fondest memories of the weekend with Dad growing up!

I went to a few yard sales when I first moved to Augusta, looking for some good finds for decorating the apartment. I haven’t gone in the last month but I went this morning and found this lovely ginger jar for only $4:

ginger jar

I was thrilled!! For all of you that haven’t caught the hype on ginger jars yet let me introduce you…

Lindsay of Sadie + Stella guest blogged at Tiffany Leigh Interior Design yesterday about her favorite piece of furniture in her home. Sitting a top her favorite piece of furniture is a beautiful collection of blue and white ginger jars and vases!

Lindsay of Sadie + Stella’s home

And if you’ve never checked out The Pink Pagoda you definitely should! Jennifer has such a tasteful eye for all things Asian inspired [and other decor styles as well]. She also has two AH-MAZING shops [here and here] that you should totally check out before your Christmas list is made!

The Pink Pagoda

The Pink Pagoda

Other finds from yard sales now in my possession include:

Anthropologie flour and sugar jars, $2 a piece

Lamp $4

This lamp came with a hideous shade but I replaced it for one from Christmas Tree Shop for $16 (below)

lamp with new shade

[I also bought that blue and white chinoiserie bowl for $3 at a church yard sale]

If these aren’t great bargains I don’t know what is! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!



One thought on “a saturday hobby

  1. I am having a lovely weekend, reading your blog about yard sale-ing! What a nice compliment for your dad!


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