DIY: Christmas Decorations

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am sorry I did not get in any blogs last week, but I was busy packing, traveling, eating, spending time with family, traveling, and unpacking. I hope you all were able to snatch up some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday steals!

Now that Thanksgiving is past and Christmas is just around the corner, I want to share with you some DIY Christmas decorating crafts I have been working on!

I found {this} on pinterest and thought it was a good way to decorate for my new home for less! I had cereal boxes donated to me at work and then bought a few items when Michaels had a big sale one recent Sunday! I have only completed three so far but they were easy, inexpensive, and look great!

christmas trees

Heres the link to the blog tutorial on how to make the trees [1, 2, 3]. For my trees, I used 2 bags of feathers, 8 yards of sparkly ribbon for the small tree, and raffia for the last tree. I am in the process of making the pine cone tree but so far I haven’t collected enough pine cones to finish it off yet!

I also made the glitter reindeer picture on the left. It was also another pinterest find and who can resist holiday cheer complete with lots of glitter? Not I…so I got busy following these directions. Only note I will add is that I had to do glitter on top of glitter because the first time my silhouette had streaks in it when I shook the glitter off. Instant pizzaz!

My last treat is something that I kinda came up with myself. I had just recently gotten some cute new coordinating wrapping paper from Target that I knew would also be easy to decorate with. So I made a pendant banner alternating the wrapping papers hot glued to raffia [noticing a trend?] and added pom pom balls at the point:

paper pendant banner

The triangles I cut from the wrapping paper were 8″ wide and 6″ tall. I wish I had a picture to show of how I laid them out on the paper, but I got so busy crafting I forgot to photograph. You can fit the triangles together tightly but aligning them so that they make a long rectangle, with one right side up and the next upside down. Just be mindful that if you have a paper with a pattern all in one direction, this will cause some of the triangles to have patterns upside down. If I were to do over, I would make the triangles taller and not so spaced out on the taffeta.

How do you decorate? Do you go more traditional or contemporary?



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