kicking off the new year

Hello lovelies! I am sorry I have abandoned you for so long. The holidays left me exhausted, sick, and with no energy left in my fingers to post. I am going to get back on the blogging kick starting…now!

How many of you watched the Golden Globes? I did not…because I don’t have cable. But I wasn’t too upset about it because the part I enjoy the most, watching the red carpet, can be done in about 15 minutes time from my couch.

Here is my recap:

1. Shaun Robinson wears the Pantone color of the year: Emerald. The sparkles dont hurt either.


2. Gabby girl…your hair never stays out of the medias eye

Gabby Douglas Golden Globes 2013

3. Loved Lucy Luis floral, oversized patterned Carolina Herrera dress. Would be the perfect feminine touch to a powder bath as wallpaper, no?lucy-liu-golden-globes-2013

4. Halle, did Lance ask you to frost tip your hair and join NSync on their reunion tour?


5. Ending on a positive note, Kate Hudson looked radiant and so tres beach chic per ush. Love her in Alexander McQueen.




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