Lust: Nicholas

Browsing around Shopbop the other day, my eye was drawn instantly to this adorbs peplum top. Naturally I clicked on the top to see a large detailed pic to drool over a little bit more. The designer was Nicholas and I had never heard of them/him/she. I quickly googled the band to get more dets. As far as I can tell, their Facebook page is the only place on the internet to give info about the brand. A brief description tells me that they are an Aussie brand. Shopbop sure did find a gem in this one. Brownie points for their buyers! Check out a few of my favorites from the brand below!





nicholas board


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

*4 was sold out on shopbop before I could give it credit…thats how hawt those shorts were

Although the price is not a bargain, their/his/her amazing watercolor-ish inkblot designs with all that color are just fab! Perfect for a chic summer outfit!



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