DIY: Sweet Valentines

I love love Valentines Day because its the day of love. And love makes us feel gooey and warm on the inside. So why not share some love with your friends, family, or coworkers to brighten their day a tad. Here is a simple DIY Valentine that will have all of your lovers smitten!

You will need:

1 personal paper trimmer [like this one] — they make life a lot simpler

1 exacto knife

1 pen

as many printouts as Valentines you plan to make [there are 5 per page]

as many cute pencils as the number of Valentines you plan on making

1. Print out the handy Valentines printable found [here]. For all of you non espanol speaking lovers AQUI [seen in blue] means here. Click there to download the printable.

2. Cut Valentines apart using a trimmer. These can be purchased at your local craft store and are found in the scrapbooking section. They are very handy for cutting straight lines.

3. Once all your Valentines are trimmed, cut two vertical slits – one to the right of the arrow and one to the left of the feathers. Each should the length just wider than the diameter of the pencil you plan on finishing of your Valentines with.

4. Slide your pencils into each Valentine so that the pencil shows through to the front.

5. Address your Valentines and deliver!



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