Elfa Wrapping Paper Organizer

After my first Christmas in my own apartment, I had accumulated a LOT of wrapping stuffs. I just couldn’t resist when everything went to 90% off at Targ. Oh AND I wanted to have all my presents looking so cute under my little tree! Hence, my excessive buying of wrapping paper stuffs unfolded.

Once Christmas was over, I realized there was no way in the devils den I was gonna fit all my wrapping stuff plus all other purchased and DIY Christmas decor into my tiny little shelf above my washer/dryer. One day, I stumbled upon a this blog post via Pinterest. Jen had purchased parts to the Elfa storage system at The Container Store to use as a wrapping paper storage system! I knew I was going to have to handy up one of these onto my door for all of my wrapping stuffs. And here she is:


DSCN4331 copy

Elfa Wrapping Paper Organizer

One of the things I like the most is that I can easily store bows that I have already tied and they wont get smooshed:

Elfa Wrapping Paper Organizer

Elfa Wrapping Paper Organizer

By taking a long twist tie, I was able to attach the bows to the vertical piece that the baskets attach to.

For my rack, I bought

  • 1 63″ mounting piece
  • 1 pack of hallow door anchors and screws
  • 1 deep basket (at the bottom)
  • 1 media rack (2nd from bottom)
  • 1 shallow basket (at the top)

All of this set me back only $50! Such a steal for great, space saving organization!! Come back early next week for a great DIY you wont want to miss!!



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