DIY: Mongolian Lamb Stool

Last month, Albertina of Mimosa Lane shared this Mongolian Stool DIY inspired by Nadia over at Preciously Me from her DIY post and all things mongolian wool. It just so happened that right around that time, I took a trip to IKEA when I was in Charlotte for the weekend and KNEW I had to snatch up one of these cute stools for a mere $5.99 to make my own version!

I ordered a faux fur pillow from Amazon similar to this one from Sears. It appears as though all the other ladies chose to use real Mongolian Fur, but since I chose to use faux, my pillow only cost $16 + shipping. If you chose to go with a real Mongolian fur pillow, your looking at $70-$90+ range [like these from West Elm].

I followed the step-by-step directions posted here. I was inspired by Albertina’s dipped leg look and followed suit! Using left over spray paint, I spray painted my legs blue to bring in another color to my bedroom. Nadia’s directions were easy to follow, but just a heads up, you might need longer screws than those that came with the stool to secure the wood. Also, I used some of the extra stuffing out of my pillow to make the stool fluffier and more comfortable. Here she is:

Mongolian DIY Stool

Mongolian DIY Stool

I am dreaming up a desk/vanity area for the corner of my room and think this stool will be the perfect touch for seating! So girly-girl with a touch of my inner lioness….

Project supplies:

  • Stool: $5.99
  • Pillow: $23
  • Foam: $8

Total Cost: $37



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