Catching up

How have you guys been?? I have been busy with a DIY I will hopefully be able to show you soon [hint: think Ikea hack]. Can you guess??

This weekend, some of my girlfriends from highschool came into town. We had a fabulous girls weekend with lots of food, fun, and laughs. Its always so special when we can share a weekend together outside of the holidays when we are home with our families.


On Sunday after our visitors left, I browsed through the Jan/Feb issue of Lonny to get a little catch up reading done and couldn’t help but share the lovely Jagdgut Wachtelhof, an Austrian Ski Lodge, featured in the issue. I have serious spring fever from the lovely weather we were blessed with this weekend, but the ski lodge has such a beautiful, wintery ambiance that makes me want to cuddle up by a fire with [below] fur throw and some good reads. I love the masculine yet feminine feel of these spaces from the mix of leather and coral accents with minimalist white walls!

Picture 13

Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16

Picture 17

Picture 20

Picture 21

Happy Tuesday! xxxClaire


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