Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler

I have great bargain news for you all on this lovely Monday morning. You might truly fall out of your chair so hang on tight…

Jonathan Adler now has a diffusion line at JCP

And you say, “ok, so what?” BUT let me just tell you this stuff is good! Like melt in your mouth good! First lets play a little game to see who can pick out which pieces are real Jonathan Adler and which are the Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler impostors. Ready, set, go…

johnathan adler (1)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Did you guess correctly before cheating looking at the links first?? Well if not, the answer is Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler products are on the left and Jonathan Adler products are on the right. They look pretty identical to me from my digital viewing…I would love to see them in person but non of the JCP stores in my area are carrying the stock yet. Have any of you seen this product in person??

And P.S., the lacquered tray from JCP is actually BIGGER than the JA one and is $125 cheaper! What a deal!! The savings on the chair are pretty phenomenal too…$550 saved = a new designer handbag. Whatcha say??

Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler has tons of other cute and very affordable products in various categories. I’ve made up a colorful, greek key inspired bedroom using all Happy Chic products…

jonathan adler (2)

curtains | Foo Dog lamp | nightstand | pillow | pillow | duvet set | elephant stool

Aren’t the Foo Dog Lamps and their price to die? I’ve gotta hunt this stuff down!!

**UPDATE: Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler is currently available online ONLY. When I contacted JCP, they did not say how long until products would be available in store**



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