Ikea RAST Hack Reveal

I posted here about my painting I completed to go above my bed and shared this photo which has been a source of inspiration while decorating my bedroom:

Jamie Meares of Furbish

Jamie Meares of Furbish

This photo was one of the firsts which made me fall in love with campaign furniture. Ever since love at first sight, I have been dying to complete my own DIY like this popular and widely circulated pin of the Ikea RAST hack.

DIY Campaign Chest by For Chic Sake

DIY Campaign Chest by For Chic Sake

Instead of using the same hardware that had been done over and over by various bloggers and DIYers, I found a new campaign style pull and went to town. Here she is:



Tomorrow I will share with you all step-by-step DIY process [accomapanied by some not so lovely iphone pictures] with sources for all the materials that went into this bad girl.



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