J.Crew videos

A few days ago, I got an email from J.Crew with these videos inside. One is of Jenna Lyons and her shoe collection, one is about the mens suit and J.Crews fabric mill in Italy, and one of crewcuts kids trying to pronounce color names.

I found the one interviewing Jenna Lyons intriguing because these days she is such a fashion icon – always photographed by photographers and all over pinterest – but she is rarely interviewed. To me, she is a fashion figurehead that didn’t have much personality. Not because she doesn’t have any personality but it was more of a big question mark in my mind. I quite enjoyed her in this short interview and of course all the gorgeous J.Crew shoes are to die.

I worked at J.Crew for a few months during college as my ‘retail experience’ as it is basically a must in my industry to have worked retail. I can vouch for the J.Crew quality as it is something that we are educated on during orientation training. It is no joke that their shoes and mens product come straight out of some of the best mills and manufacturing facilities in Italy. Their products are of great quality that really lasts – an uncommon denominator between most retail brands today.

Frequently on this blog I am discussing the best next bargain to buy, but today I just wanted to focus on quality. Sometimes, you just can’t sacrifice quality for price.

Have a great Thursday! xx Claire


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