Sorry the posts have been so few and far between the past week and a half. Last week I was feeling pretty uninspired and had other chores that needed to get done. This past weekend my boyfriend was in town and we were able to attend the Saturday round of the Masters. Unfortunately, we were not there for this hotties win on Sunday but did see him play through Saturday. It was an interesting time here in Augusta during Masters week. A little bit of claustrophobia, but overall not as much people/traffic as I had prepared myself for.




Augusta National was a beautiful course and I was amazed at the level of respect that all patrons displayed. Surely someone was going to whip out a phone to snap a picture of a player, right? Wrong. The calm whispers and beautiful whether was cause for a calming and enjoyable Saturday.

When my boyfriend is here, I try to maintain a device free weekend. We have a long distance relationship, so I am sure you all understand this is precious time. This week I have had our annual sales meeting for work, which culminates all our work for the development season. In my first season designing, I managed to have three of my designs chosen as final garments in the line.  I really didn’t realize my designs would be rounding out our spiritwear category until we started preparations for this week. It was a pretty exciting moment for me!


my designs + me

This weekend I am looking forward to baseball games, lounging by the pool, and a good highschool friend visiting! Hopefully I will also have some time to squeeze in some posts along the way.



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