man things

Yesterday was my and my boyfriends 2 year anniversary. I always labor over gifts for him, and after a disheartening Christmas I have decided that going forward, I will be making boards for him of gifts and he can choose as he pleases. So now ya’ll might be getting an overload of boy boards on here, but, buying gifts for men is always a super hard task so I figured I would share some great, reasonably priced man items with you all today. Here are my ‘options’ for him [don’t worry, he’s not a daily reader].

issacs gifts2


  1. Alligator Wallet | Real Mens Wallets [Etsy] $129
  2. Wireless zebrawood speaker | Jayson Home $88
  3. iPhone case | Jack Spade $40
  4. Rolling alarm clock | $34
  5. I Love Bacon cookbook | Crate & Barrel $20
  6. Leather briefcase bag | Rock Cow Studio [Etsy] $109
  7. Coffee temperature moderators | Joulies $50

Happy weekend to you all! xxClaire


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