using GP’s ‘Its All Good’ cookbook

I bought Gwyneth’s new cookbook “Its All Good” about a month and a half ago. I really love the cookbooks introduction, in which she and co-writer Julia Turshen, divulge the items that they stock on their pantry and refrigerator on a regular basis.  While detailing their list, they include explanations of why to avoid certain foods such as shellfish, explanations of benefits and harms of items such as tofu, and actual suggestions of best brands of various food items they like to keep in the house.

The other very user friendly aspect of the cookbook is that she provides 5 weekly meal calendars; one is kid friendly, one is for detox, one for supplementing working out, one vegan week, and one is just all around health everyday eating. I haven’t used one full week yet, mostly because I feel like I am always on the go on the weekends and never have enough time to plan ahead!

I have, however, made a couple of recipes from the cookbook, and so far Turkey Meatballs have been my favorite. They were so easy to make — just blend up the herbs in a food processor, and then combine with turkey. Brown and then cook through the inside of the meatballs by simmering them in red sauce. They were so delish too!!



[I do not photograph food well, to say the least. The photos in the cookbook are amazing though!]

I am looking forward to using the cookbook a lot more while on vacation with my family at the beach. Gywneth shares a lot of fish recipes, and although I’ve never traditionally liked much fish, I do eat sushi so I am willing to give it a try. And what better place to try some of these delicious recipes than at the beach were you can buy fish fresh off the water?



One thought on “using GP’s ‘Its All Good’ cookbook

  1. Yes, i saw her a while back on Rachel Ray talking about this cook book. I was wondering if I should order it!! Thanks for this mini review. & turkey meatballs are my FAVORITE!

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