fall booties

This week the temps in Georgia have been quite crisp in the mornings, lingering in the low 60s for my walk to the car and walk into work. I am loving the crisp touch of cool air to my skin. It is so refreshing and a reminder that FOOTBALL season is nearing. 

I love these Rachel Zoe booties–so Ralph Lauren riding boots meets 70’s glam go-go boots with the chunky heel and gold metal detailing. The t-strap fabric mixing is pretty fabulous too. I can’t say that Rachel Zoe is usually very original with her design aesthetic, but these are pretty design genius. While they are way out of my price range, C Wonder has a pair that is pretty dang similar. And for less than $200 for a pair of real leather booties, I say that can’t be beat. The only problem is that they don’t offer the C Wonder boot in my size #ihaveminaturefeet. I guess all of you will have to purchase in my honor. 

fall booties

Rachel Zoe Carolyn bootie $455 || C Wonder Buckled Leather Ankle Boot $198


Happy early early fall!



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