room neutralization

‘My’ room at my parents house got a coat of green paint in approximately 2003. Who knew I would be almost 10 years ahead of emerald as the color of the year? Although it was not quite emerald, it was a bold paint color that I loved waking up to during my pre college years [Promise it doesn’t look so vomit like in person].

Claire's Room 001

My room quickly became the room of assorted items once I went off to college and was no longer able to fend for it. Our dog freaked out during a thunderstorm and chewed up the palladium blinds. My mother became resourceful and used old IKEA curtains so the neighbors couldn’t into my room at nighttime.

Claire's Room 003My parents plan on retiring to Black Mountain, NC in the next few years where they already own a condo. If you ask my mom when they will move, she will say within 5 years. If you ask my dad, you will get a different timeline each time you ask. Regardless, they have slowly been repainting and redecorating. They are repainting the house in neutrals for better resale appeal – aka what I call neutralization. Things purchased are becoming more cabin and rustic, keeping in mind that these items will shortly be used in a mountain condo.

When my mom decided it was time to redo my room, she enlisted my help with paint colors. I bought House Beautiful’s Colors for Your Home to get some good ideas of 50 shades of greys. This book is great because the colors are tried and true colors that designers use on a regular basis. Super helpful book.


buy here for $.75

We tested out Sherwin Williams Popular Gray, Benjamin Moore Horizon, and Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers. Popular Gray came from this townhouse decorated by Sam Penner of The Peak of Tres Chic. We both loved the overall warm but classic feeling that Sam achieved and thought the paint color was great as well.


I will spare you from pictures of the swatches being tested, because ultimately I could barely tell a difference in the photos so left the final decision up to my Mom. She ended up choosing Popular Gray because it had a warm tone to it.



The painting is now complete and we are on to the next stages of picking out decor. More to come later!



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