ORC link up | Week 1

Linda from Calling It Home is a genius woman. She started a highly addictive, yet satisfactory series called the One Room Challenge. In the past, she has invited other bloggers from around the blog-o-sphere to join her in a six week challenge to redo one room in their house. Each week, they share their trials, tribulations, and accomplishments towards finishing the room.

When I was emailing with Linda previous to her sharing my Greek Inspired Pelmet DIY, she hinted that she was going to include all of us small bodies in the ORC this year with a link up. On Wednesdays, the 20 bloggers involved in the ORC will post their updates and I plan to post my updates on Wednesdays as well. Then on Thursdays, Linda will host the link up on her blog. I am sure that there will be a lot of amazing ideas and finished rooms in six short weeks.

That being said, I am going to be working on completing my bedroom as my ORC. Here is what I started with when I moved into my apartment a year ago [sorry for the black corners – I was using a panorama app].



And this is what my room looked like for a good 6-8 months. Really the only addition was the art I painted to go above the bed.


My original inspiration for the painting [which I discuss here] and my room was this room by Jamie Meares of Furbish.



Picture 2

I love it for the colors and the excellent pattern play which Jamie achieves in each of her designs seamlessly. But do you ever feel like the longer you stare at something the more you don’t like it? Thats what has started happening to me. I am thinking I need something a little bit more sophisticated and serene.

This has always been one of my favorite bedrooms


….as well as this one



Apparently I really like bold colors — mostly oranges and pinks, mixed in with white bedding. Oh, and plus a little black with brass. Thats all for now, I’m sure I will feel inspired as I go but am excited to get my room all done up!

Be sure to head over to Calling it Home aka the ORC headquarters to check out who is involved in the ORC this year!



6 thoughts on “ORC link up | Week 1

  1. Linda is quite the little genius, I’m linking up too! I love your inspirational images, both styles are amazing. I look forward to following along!!

  2. Love the art you painted above the bed, so I think your off to a great starting point and your inspiration bedrooms are all dreamy! can’t wait to see your progress Claire!

  3. I love the bold color choices and when you mix them up, being the same strength, they add more interest and are more stunning. Great idea to add the brass, too.Look forward to seeing more…

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