clean beauty

I am very conscious of trying to eat ‘clean’, avoiding GMOs and all the processed junk that goes into pre packaged foods these days. When I started thinking about it, it doesn’t make sense to eat clean, but still be using beauty products that contain all types of harsh chemicals and substances that interfere with our hormones. Jessica at Bare Beauty does a wonderful job of educating her readers and testing out clean products. When she mentioned Ayla Beauty and the ultimate customer service that they provide, I knew I must try it out.


Ayla provides unique skincare service for those looking for new, clean beauty products. For $20, you can fill out a questionnaire about your skin and a skincare expert will send you a box of samples to test out based on your responses. This was a no brainer for me, as I have never been a beauty product junkie. I filled out my questionnaire last night and can’t wait for my box of samples to arrive! I’ll be sure to report back what I like in my box!



Happy Monday



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