room neutralization update

I shared here about updating my room at my parents house and the need to ‘neutralize’ due to the fact that they will be selling the house and moving to the mountains in the next few years. Here is a reminder of what the room looked like before.

Claire's Room 003

Claire's Room 002

Claire's Room 001

When I was home a few weeks ago, I worked on getting the room put back together with my mom. The SW Popular Gray is really lovely in person – these are pictures from my iphone so sorry in advance for the picture quality.




Hanging the curtains really did a world of difference in this room. They are the faux silk panels from Target by Threshold in blue and they are pretty great for the price [$20-$25 each depending on the length]. They are also lined which I love because my bedroom gets a lot of morning sun.


I added splashes of the same shade of blue with the antique Ball jars, as well as my mom’s painting over the desk. We picked up a pair of task lamps from Walmart from the Better Homes and Gardens line for a steal at $40 each. The finish on them is nice — not too brassy or distressed. They will eventually go on the night stands.

Picture 4

Speaking of night stands, finding a pair of night stands has been the most difficult part of the redo so far. My mom and I both love this room from LeSueur Interiors where she uses a pair of bachelor chests for night stands. We are still on the hunt for the perfect pair.

lesueur interiors

Still on the to do list is to repaint the footboard in a whiter shade, as well as make a slipcover for the headboard that will be more white as well. Also, we need to purchase a pair of standard shams as well as a throw for added coziness to the bed.

I hope to be able to get the room even more finalized while I am home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.



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