bayou bend gardens

My boyfriend moved to Houston a month ago to begin his career in commercial real estate. This coming weekend will be my first time traveling to visit him since he has moved. Not only is it my first time visiting Houston, but it is my first time visiting Texas at all. I can’t believe that I have never been to the lone star state before, but am thrilled that I have a reason to travel to Texas, as well as the fourth largest city in the US, on a regular basis.

Luckily I have a sorority sister that is from Houston that provided me with some of her favorite spots and things to do. One of the museums she suggested was Bayou Bend. When I looked into it farther, it is the home to the Museum of Fine Arts Houson, as well as the former home of Ima Hogg. Miss Hogg tended and developed exquisite gardens on her property that are up kept in an organic fashion today. This place is definitely number one on my to do list.






I’m thinking the book showcasing the history and photos of the gardens [photo 3] would be a divine gift for the green thumb for Christmas. Will definitely have to pick it up while there!

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