ORC link up | Week 4

Week 4 of the ORC – a six-week, one room challenge created by Linda over at Calling it Home – and I am feeling a little better about my progress than last week. If you are new to my bedroom make over, you can find my past three week posts here:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Last week I shared a sneak peak of my duvet from  Pottery Barn.


Well literally the next day I went to Steinmart and found this…


…for about half the price. Plus a pair of matching shams that, together, totaled less than the PB duvet. I honestly wasn’t very satisfied with the hand of the PB duvet. It was not very soft and due to it being 100% cotton was very wrinkle prone. The set from Steinmart has some polyester in it and it 500 thread count vs. the 350 thread count that PB duvet had. I plan on returning the PB duvet this weekend.

Side note: Steinmart also had matching sheet sets as you can see in the picture below – they are on the bottom row. Unfortunately the store was sold out in the color I would have needed so I am still working on the sheet front.


I also accomplished the lighting factor for my room this week. I had been stalking pharmacy lamps like crazy on eBay but was so happy when I scooped this one up at a yard sale for 5 bucks. Thats right.


I also attached the harp my other bedside lamp which required removing the socket to get the harp screwed onto the neck properly. This was my first foray into electrical DIY’s but it wasn’t too bad at all. Here’s a little step-by-step in case you ever have to add a harp to your lamp.

When I first bought my lamps off eBay, there was no way to attach a lamp shade. Once I picked out a lampshade, I knew that I would have to add a harp to attach the shade. To do so, I also had to get a nuts, a harp, and a finial for each lamp.

My Cockatoos

1. Remove top part of socket and unscrew screws that ground the wiring


2. Once wires are undone, completely remove socket by unscrewing base

lamp 2

3. Apply large bolt to neck of lamp. Without these, your harp will flop around. You can buy these in a package in the lamp section at Lowe’s or Home Depot

lamp 3

4. Put harp on to neck and screw base of socket back on to hold harp in place

lamp 4

5. Re-twist ends of wires together, and re wrap them around screws in socket

lamp 5

6. Tighten screws and place top of socket back on, aligning hole for where the switch goes

lamp 6

7. Screw finial and viola!

lamp 7

Now my task of getting new lighting for the room is done! In other news, I also scored a great chair on craigslist. Here is a sneak peak:




I plan to show off my desk area and organization next week, including the paintings my mom did, so be sure to come back and check it out!

And because check lists make me feel good…

  • get some new lighting
  • purchase a rug
  • top of the bed with a duvet
  • perfect the inset space between my closets
  • spiff up the desk area with some good organization
  • replace shelf between the double window

Thanks for following along during my challenge!



16 thoughts on “ORC link up | Week 4

  1. It is great when you can work your own magic on a piece and really make it your own. Lamp is great! Love the craig’s list chair – interesting arms.

  2. Love a good bargain, and I’m happy for you that luck was on your side and you got exactly the look you wanted for a better price!!!! Love the mid-century pharmacy lamp too and that parrot pair is looking gorgeous with those black shades!

  3. I can’t believe you found that bedding at steinmart. I’d totally return the PB too. Thanks for the light info, i’ve got some lamps I need to work on.

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