clean beauty from Ayla Beauty

I shared a few days ago about finding Ayla Beauty, and the anticipation of my specialized package, made to order for my skin’s needs. I have been using the products that Nora — my beauty specialist — sent me samples of for two weeks, and so far am loving the results.

Growing up, I had mild acne that still appears here and there even though I am almost 24-years-old. I eat a pretty healthy diet so it is a bit of a mystery to me why my teenage acne has stuck around into adulthood. I have never been a huge beauty junkie, mostly because there are so many products out there and I Just don’t know where to start. Ayla was like an answer to my adult prayers — I told them my issues and they suggested which products out of their phenomenal selection would work best for my skin to achieve what I wanted.

Nora rounded up my package and offered suggestions on the best way to use the products together, as well as other dietary concerns to take into consideration. The products that she recommended for me were these:


Kahina Facial Cleanser


Medik8 betaGel Spot Treatment


Luzern Labs Force De Vie Eye Contour Cream


Elave Oil Free Skin Balancing Moisturizer


Luzern Serum Absolut Au Vin

The two products I am loving the most so far are the Kahina Facial Cleanser and the moisturizer. The cleanser is so gentle but has a faint tropical scent while the Elave Moisturizer is so hydrating my skin never feels dry in the morning. And the good news is that the prices are pretty reasonable for the quality that I know I am getting.

Do you have any favorite clean skin products? Please share!



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