ORC link up | Week 6

Today is the day…. it is time for the reveal of my One Room Challenge that started only six short weeks ago. You would never realize how fast six weeks flies by until you are on a deadline each week for the same project. It went by way too fast — note to self for the future plan ahead. Ok, [confession] actually I did get to working on a my room way in advance without even an ounce of intention of ever being able to participate in the ORC. And I still was under pressure to get stuff done. Major props to all those linking up today that honestly participated in the challenge and completed their room only within the six weeks!!

Ok, enough rambling. Are you ready to see the reveal?? I know I am. Here she goes.

For those of you who are new to my challenge, here are the befores. No reveal can ever be as sweet without a before picture.




And after

DSC_0354 copy

I am still loving my Steinmart bedding that I shared in week 4. It really pulls the bed together and makes a statement. I am also so proud of how my cockatoo lamps turned out. I bought them off eBay a while back, and had a vision of a lacquered black base with a pagoda style lamp shade from the beginning. My dad helped me out in the process of achieving my vision, since an apartment isn’t really fit for rebuilding bases of lamps and such. I am so grateful of all of his help!

DSC_0402 copy

I am on the fence as to whether my DIY Greek Inspired Pelmets or my DIY Ikea RAST Hack nightstands made the biggest visual statement in the bedroom. The RAST hack definitely gets points for being a fully functional aspect of the room though,  especially with the limited storage space in this apartment.

DSC_0362 copy

Do you spy what is new in the picture above? That’s right, I got a new computer. My old one was [literally] vintage – they don’t make black MacBooks anymore – so it was high time to get a new one. Having a computer that performs in a timely manner is making my desk space much more inviting.

DSC_0345 copy

I rehung the art above the desk to be higher so the computer screen wouldn’t cover up all my mom’s beautiful art! It helps fill out the wall more I think.

DSC_0398 copy

My mom and dad have loaned me their cowhide rug that will eventually be used when they move to the mountains. For now, there is no point to it being at home folded up, so I am getting some good use out of it. It is so lovely to step onto something so soft when I drag myself out of bed in the morning.

DSC_0377 copy

And here is where the guided gold paint comes into play that I hinted at last week! I used Martha Stewart’s specialty finish metallic gold paint to paint the small inset wall of room as an accent to the other gold accents in the room. Originally I thought I may do a stripe, but then abandoned that idea once I realized I didn’t have any of the wall color to use for touch ups. The current green color of the walls is stock color to the apartment, and I knew there was no way a stripe wouldn’t need some touching up once I had painted.

DSC_0374 copy

I am happy with the way the wall turned out. It is not too in your face flashy gold, but a nice subtle touch to the room.  The drawing I framed is a piece I did in college. It was one of my favorite projects from school and matched nicely with the other black accents going on in the room.

DSC_0380 copy

I got lucky with the bamboo frame above my dresser. It was a $1 thrifted find at a local antique store. There are some hints of gold popping out in the distressed areas of the frame which I knew would tie back in nicely to the wall.

DSC_0382 copy

DSC_0391 copy

I am so glad that I completed almost all things I wanted to get done in my bedroom. My ultimate wish would be to have a peacock chair stationed between the windows, but until I make the ultimate find on craigslist that will have to wait. For now, I am very happy with how things turned out and can’t wait to enjoy my bedroom on a daily basis.

Thanks for all of the kind comments through out the process. I have enjoyed following all of my fellow linkers in their endeavors as well. Thanks to Linda for organizing the ingenious idea for the linkup portion of the ORC this year. Also a big thanks to my Mom and Dad for their help as well as for loaning me the hide. Thanks to my friend Christina for all the lovely pictures you see above!

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22 thoughts on “ORC link up | Week 6

  1. Love how your BR turned out! I am voting for the Ikea hack and the amazing lamps as having the most impact. But then the gold inset wall and the curtains make a huge difference as well…. it’s all good! Congrats on getting ‘er done!

  2. Claire congratulations for a job so well done!!!! Love your room and all the colors and eclectic touches! Feels like you’ve had this room this way all along! You must be so pleased dear! love the HACK too! CHEERS!

  3. Claire this is so pretty. It doesn’t matter when you started, the only goal is to finish a room and you did just that. I would try to keep that rug if I were you. So many great areas, but the desk with the art above it is my all time favorite. Love this room.

  4. I love your lamps too – so fun! Also loving your art above the desk, the window treatments, and the gold in your recessed niche!

  5. Great job Claire! Love your lamps and your dad did a wonderful job on the bases! Your Ikea hacks look great and add just the right “punch” to your room! Congratulations on getting it all done! 🙂

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