polar vortex

It is cold outside, and I am kinda loving it. I have been so busy at work I haven’t even had a minute to look into what exactly a polar vortex is but it makes me think about this movie.

tempete The_Day_After_Tomorrow_337 The-Day-After-Tomorrow



Just hoping we don’t all turn out like the end of the movie — as I remember it eludes to everyone dying.

Up until this rather massive cold front, Georgia has been quite warm and I haven’t even considered having to purchase heavy sweaters for months. But now with this cold weather that I have been amidst of during my time back in NC and this week, I needed a new heavy sweater that is woolly and warm. I think my last purchase fitting this description was circa 2006. Gap has come to the rescue with this fisherman style, cable knit sweater with an oversized neck made out of 55% wool.


available here

Today – until midnight, you can get extra 50% off all Gap sale stuff using ‘GAPEXTRA’. This baby was $17.50 on sale. STEAL. Heres how some ladies have been styling it up.

gap sweater


Damsel in Dior
gap sweater

The Vault Files

Happy shopping!




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