lust list | 2.7.14

I could not be happier that it is Friday. This week has been especially rough, with it being the end of our development season we are under the gun the get all our styles finalized. I am very much looking forward to being home and relaxing this weekend, and am also looking forward to not being sick like I was last weekend. Here are a few things I am lusting for this Friday.


1 // omygawd, this neoprene dress is only $54. such a steal.

2// hot hot pink skort. a must for the spring. $28

3// these beautiful candy colored gems are only $9. yes please. would be beautiful with one of my pinky picks

4//a beautiful vegan slouch bag that looks like the real thing for $68

5//I can’t stop thinking about the scarf from the DVF wrap 40 exhibit $153. not only is it a statement piece, but a piece I would keep forever.



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