valentines DIY: glitter elastic hair ties in acrylic hearts

I wanted to make a small DIY gift for some of my gal pals for v-day. These hair ties are so simple [only 5 steps mind you] and usable, and are the perfect little valentines token. Slip them inside your girlfriends purse, or onto your coworkers desk for a sweet surprise! They can even use the small acrylic heart in the future!


  • 5/8″ glitter elastic [I purchased mine here]
  • fabric scissors
  • gold gift bag stuffing
  • acrylic hearts
  • craft paper or construction paper of your choice
  • pen

DSCN5280 copy2 copy


1.  Start by cutting the glitter elastic into either 9″ lengths for hair ties, or 17-19″ lengths for hairbands

DSCN5288 copy copy


2. Take the gold gift stuffing and cut into tiny pieces to make confetti and place into bottom of acrylic hearts

DSCN5312 copy copy


3. Stuff your treasures inside hearts. I found that I could fit three hair ties or one headband per heart

DSCN5308 copy copy


4. Cut out hearts and write sentiments or names of those you are gifting and stick inside. Close up your heart and give to those you love.

DSCN5320 copy copy


Love it. Also, check out my Valentines DIY from last year as well.



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