valentines DIY: glitter elastic hair ties in acrylic hearts

I wanted to make a small DIY gift for some of my gal pals for v-day. These hair ties are so simple [only 5 steps mind you] and usable, and are the perfect little valentines token. Slip them inside your girlfriends purse, or onto your coworkers desk for a sweet surprise! They can even use the small acrylic heart in the future!


  • 5/8″ glitter elastic [I purchased mine here]
  • fabric scissors
  • gold gift bag stuffing
  • acrylic hearts
  • craft paper or construction paper of your choice
  • pen

DSCN5280 copy2 copy


1.  Start by cutting the glitter elastic into either 9″ lengths for hair ties, or 17-19″ lengths for hairbands

DSCN5288 copy copy


2. Take the gold gift stuffing and cut into tiny pieces to make confetti and place into bottom of acrylic hearts

DSCN5312 copy copy


3. Stuff your treasures inside hearts. I found that I could fit three hair ties or one headband per heart

DSCN5308 copy copy


4. Cut out hearts and write sentiments or names of those you are gifting and stick inside. Close up your heart and give to those you love.

DSCN5320 copy copy


Love it. Also, check out my Valentines DIY from last year as well.



valentines day wish list

Some people really hate on Valentines Day for being too much of a Hallmark established holiday. I, however, think it is wonderful that we can take one day out of the year to put some thought into telling those that we love that they are special. In our busy busy world of today, taking that extra minute to make someone feel special doesn’t happen as often as it should. So instead of knocking on Valentines day, show the people that you love some love! Here’s some of what I would love to receive to feel snuggly, lovely, and feminine on v-day.


1 //  V-day pampering would be greatly enhanced with this bath caddy made for reading and wine $50

2 // I am so in love with this pom pom robe and pj set. The print leaves me wishing for warmer months! $78 for robe and $58 for pjs.

3 // A loveable lipstick holder to get your pucker perfectly plumped for v-day $55

4 // Nothing says love like a delicate piece of gold jewelry. This lariat has been on my list for a long time $165

5 // A NARS gloss in the perfect red for that extra lip shine $26

6 //Nate does it again with this perfectly chic and cuddly blanket for curling up with your love $27

7 // Getting this pink acrylic heart vase to put your v-day flowers in would make the day all that much sweeter $69

Have a sweet v-day week


lust list | 2.7.14

I could not be happier that it is Friday. This week has been especially rough, with it being the end of our development season we are under the gun the get all our styles finalized. I am very much looking forward to being home and relaxing this weekend, and am also looking forward to not being sick like I was last weekend. Here are a few things I am lusting for this Friday.


1 // omygawd, this neoprene dress is only $54. such a steal.

2// hot hot pink skort. a must for the spring. $28

3// these beautiful candy colored gems are only $9. yes please. would be beautiful with one of my pinky picks

4//a beautiful vegan slouch bag that looks like the real thing for $68

5//I can’t stop thinking about the scarf from the DVF wrap 40 exhibit $153. not only is it a statement piece, but a piece I would keep forever.



As I advance at the workplace, I find that my free time to discover new things is constantly dwindling. My to do list is mile high and no matter how I may try to mark items off after work and the gym, I consistently find myself wanting to climb in bed at 8:30 pm. I don’t think that I am the only young American slaving away at work in hopes of a high regard from seniority or a promotion. Heck, its not just young Americans slaving at the work place, it is aging Americans as well.

In our slave to the workplace culture, I am glad that subscription boxes and membership clubs have created an ‘ease’ of shopping online. Many of the original subscription boxes ask you to fill out a ‘profile’ so they can essentially make choices that you would make, in absence of consultation with you, making your life that much easier. Birchbox was the first box subscription I knew of that became extremely popular, offering up samples of new makeup products to junkies for a low price of $10/month. Barkbox has also come extremely popular as of late, catering to the dog lovers of America for $19/month.

I have not subscribed to any of these services yet, but here are a few I discovered recently that speak to my interests and that I would find extremely helpful.

First up, True and Co. A bra and panty specialist that lets you try on items at home for free before you buy. They spout that you don’t need to be measured, just fill out their survey and they will know which bras will fit you best. I am in desperate need of some new bras so I can’t wait to try this one out.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 6.37.29 AM


Oyster offers up unlimited access to over 100,000 titles of books for $10/month. Your subscription fee gives you access to digital copies of their books via iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch so you can tear through the pages and not have the covers collecting dust when you are done.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 6.19.17 AMScreen Shot 2014-02-05 at 6.20.36 AM


I am trying to be better about cooking at night. It is just so easy to heat up some soup, have some cereal, or eat a salad once I get done with my gym routine. I truly do love to cook so Hatchery looks to be like an amazing box to receive in the mail each month. They offer up new flavors in the forms of spices, topinades, and sauces, all sourced locally from artisanal farmers. For $20/month, they travel the country for you sourcing the goods to make your dishes go the extra mile.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 6.18.18 AM



Have you tried any of these boxes? Have any been a success? Please do share!



With valentines day just around the corner, I am loving all the pink that is popping up. All the pastel pinks are really putting me in a feminine dressing mood. Ever since pale pink became a huge trend with to the oversized pink coat at AW 2013 fashion week, I just can’t get enough of pastel pink.
celine and rochascarven and carven

090613_Tommy_Ton_S2014RTW_slide_087For this season, pale pink is translating into oversized sweaters, which have been another huge trend this year. There have been a few spotted on the street, but I am sure we will see more this month at AW 2014 shows.

PFW-Street-2-15_161018315880-612x417 streetstyle10812-web victoria-tornegren


1  // 3 // 4

From crop tops, to sweaters, to coats, there are a lot of looks going on. Here are a few of my favorites!


1 ::  collarless wool blend coat $288 // 2 :: crop top with wide sleeves $80 // 3:: technical top with jewel $60 //

4:: sleeveless top $60 //  5 :: textured sweater $76 // 6 :: boat neck sweater  $17

7 :: braided square cut sweater $60 // 8 :: cable stitch oversize sweater $60 // 9 ::  boucle coat $189